Building Confidence

 “Rebecca has been a GREAT help to me. I have seen a huge amount of growth in not only developing my business, but in my life as well. She helped me see what I want, who I am, and who I want to be. Without defining those things I wouldn’t be nearly as confident as I am today about creating and taking the huge step of starting my business. I value the time I was able to spend with Rebecca tremendously and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”  

~N. P. – Entrepreneur

Bringing Ideas to Light

"Rebecca Cooper was the answer to my needs. I am extremely grateful for her understanding my direction and coaching me through it. By shining a light on my ideas and then encouraging me to explore new ways, I found myself taking action and making progress. Thank you Rebecca for your gift of coaching."  ~ J. T. - Entrepreneur

Inspired Livelihood

"Thank you for bringing light, levity and song to my livelihood! You are gifted!"  ~ S. J. - Life Coach

Aligning Business and Self

"My frustration with money and dissatisfaction with career led me to call her...and I am so glad I did! Working with Rebecca helped me to get in alignment with myself, understand the things that bring me joy, and trust that it is okay to do these things...I draw on Rebecca's inspiration and guidance every day."  ~Dr. A.L. - Chiropractor and Designer of Healing Spaces

Simplifying Problems

"Life is so good I can't believe it! I keep my notes close to review each day. I'm happy with the learning curve. Thank you for getting me to untie the knot in my stomach."  ~L. A., Fund Raiser

Finding the Next Step

"I've been fighting my creativity for years. One conversation with Rebecca and I was shocked to find myself taking giant steps forward. It felt so easy...A project I had struggled to do for 10 years unfolded in a clear, direct way in a matter of days...If it hadn't been for Rebecca, I'd still just be thinking about doing the project, beating myself up and wondering why I was still so stuck." 

~D. L., Sculptor

Clarifying Your Vision

"I feel like I gain a great deal of clarity in my direction and thinking after I meet with you. You have enabled me to change the way I think about many things. Thanks again for all your mentoring!"  ~T. R., Program Manager

Looking Forward - What's Next?

"I have referred my counseling clients to Rebecca Cooper and found her coaching a beneficial adjunct to therapy. My clients have been satisfied with the results and like the structured and guided approach to problem-solving and decision making."  ~M.K.S., ARNP, Therapist


"Rebecca’s gift of communication leaves you enriched and wanting more. I have admired her storycraft for many years, and this year she has edited my work. She cuts to the core of my message with ease and helps me let go of all that does not contribute to it. Thanks to her, I am becoming a more skillful writer."  ~S. J. - Blogger

"Rebecca Cooper's coverage for my script was insightful, intelligent and encouraging! I enjoyed working with her and the script is much better for it!"  ~S.K.D., Screenwriter

Motivational & Keynote Speaking

Rebecca was the best guest speaker we have experienced in a long time. Please consider this as a recommendation of the highest order for Rebecca as a possible presenter. I also found her to be extremely professional in all aspects of her business. ~Rev. Pete Rhea, Unity of Bellingham


My ideas and thinking have expanded!!

Really great - thank you! I would come to whatever your next class is!

It was refreshing to explore the genius I have to bring to market. Overall, loved it!