3 Good Uses for a Coaching Session

3 Good Uses for a Coaching Session

  1. Use a coaching session to get something out of your head so that you can see it without all your filters on.
  2. Use a coaching session to get some fresh eyes on a situation (someone who is not invested in the outcome.)
  3. Use a coaching session to have someone critique your strategy and test your ideas before you employ them.

The most helpful thing I can do for you is point you back to your innate wisdom. It’s like a shaft of light when you see it for yourself.


The Sunk Cost of Identity

After we’ve been in a career awhile, we have created an identity. That identity might include credentials (a college degree), experience and accomplishments (resume highlights). The more time we’ve spent creating an identity or brand, the more attached we become. And the more attached we are to those labels, the harder it is to reinvent ourselves.

If you’re ready for a change, perhaps it’s time to unmoor from the past. The sunk cost of your identity does not have to sink your future. Is it time to try something new?


How You Block Your Genius


Your beliefs are made from your repeated thoughts. You stack them up, thought by thought, brick by brick, to keep you safe from your fears. But this wall also keeps out a lot of good stuff, new perspectives, fresh ideas, and undiscovered talents. Over time, you plaster over the brick with your accomplishments (and your failures) until you find yourself a prisoner of societal labels and self-selected pigeon holes. When you chip away at the facade and expose the bricks in the wall, you free yourself to create a new life. Every day. Sometimes it’s hard to see it on your own.