Firing Yourself

I started to hate my job, but I couldn’t leave because I needed the money. I could feel the increasing conflicts in my body. Migraines. Back aches. My anger and frustration should have told me that I was way out of balance with my values and ethics, but I saw the problem as “them” rather than me. I was causing myself misery by staying in a toxic environment and choosing a salary over my peace of mind.

When you have a lot invested in a career, sometimes it is hard to change direction. If you can’t find a way to better align with what you spend your days doing, the universe will do it for you. I got fired. I was set free of a horrible situation that I didn’t have the courage to leave on my own. A year later, the CEO and several VPs were sued for insider trading. The stock price plummeted. I didn’t feel avenged as much as grateful that I was no longer working there.

Toleration is not a passive act. To put up with a bad job, or a bad relationship, takes energy. As you invest your time and intelligence, what’s your ROI? Is it time for a change?


Stop Being A Museum

Somewhere over the age of 30 we begin to think we know who we are. We have become a collection of labels, married/divorced, sexual identity, educational attainment, seasoned with some adventures, successes, and failures. We take this carefully curated collection of labels and then build on it or let it ossify into a Museum of Me. The truth is that there is a whole whirling world waiting to be explored. Whether life has forced you to make changes or you just are sick of the rut that you find yourself in, it might be time to explore the possibilities. If you’d like someone riding shotgun, contact me at