Firing Yourself

I started to hate my job, but I couldn’t leave because I needed the money. I could feel the increasing conflicts in my body. Migraines. Back aches. My anger and frustration should have told me that I was way out of balance with my values and ethics, but I saw the problem as “them” rather than me. I was causing myself misery by staying in a toxic environment and choosing a salary over my peace of mind.

When you have a lot invested in a career, sometimes it is hard to change direction. If you can’t find a way to better align with what you spend your days doing, the universe will do it for you. I got fired. I was set free of a horrible situation that I didn’t have the courage to leave on my own. A year later, the CEO and several VPs were sued for insider trading. The stock price plummeted. I didn’t feel avenged as much as grateful that I was no longer working there.

Toleration is not a passive act. To put up with a bad job, or a bad relationship, takes energy. As you invest your time and intelligence, what’s your ROI? Is it time for a change?