What are you hungry for? It may not be what you think. I have enjoyed extravagant meals in France and Italy - food to delight the eye, dazzle the palette and satiate the most gluttonous appetite. They were memorable but not the most appreciated. The best meal I ever had was at a mountain hut at about 11,000 ft. We’d been hiking and scrambling on rocks all day and were starved. We lined up our mess kits to receive a large spoonful of instant mashed potatoes, mixed with canned corned beef. As it plopped onto my aluminum plate, I received it with blissful joy. Dessert was a tropical delicacy that I never fully appreciated at home, a fresh orange. That night we sat around a candle in the hut, drinking mint tea, and planning the next day’s adventures.

The list for the best ingredients to make both a great meal and a great life are:

  • HUNGER - Allow yourself to desire. All things are better when you hunger for them. Instant gratification doesn’t gratify for long.
  • CREATIVITY - Work with what you have. You have the ingenuity to do great things with what is at hand.
  • GRATITUDE - The world is brimming with good things. Look for them and be amazed at your good fortune.