Six Reasons to Hire a Coach or Mentor

  • Self-Confidence. Self-confidence is belief in yourself and your abilities - trusting your intuition. Because the answers you seek are within you, a coach can help uncover them, and then validate what you discover. (This is something your inner critic never does.) The more practice you have listening to your inner voice, the more you trust it, and the more confident you become.
  • Direction. I’d do something different if I only knew what it was! A coach can help you define what you really desire, and then support you as you head in that direction.
  • Freedom. When you feel stuck, a coach can identify points of resistance. Resistance may take the form of fear, excuses, limited thinking, or sometimes you’re just going after the wrong goal.
  •  Clarity. A coach can see your issue for what it is, free of extraneous entanglements and stories you may have attached along the way.
  •  Self-Reflection. It’s hard to get a clear picture of yourself. Just like top athletes hire coaches because they can’t watch themselves in action, people moving through life can’t always see themselves objectively. A coach will tell you where you are not aligned with your stated goals, and guide you back on the path.
  • Genius. You have greatness in you. It's time to unlock it. Read reasons 1-5 above. What are you waiting for?
  • Free Session

    For coaching services, we offer a free 30-minute introductory call to see if it's a good fit for your needs. It's a great time to frame a problem, define a project, or just see if something sparks. Email us by clicking here, to set up a time, to tap into your genius!



    It is best to invest in a block of time (weekly sessions) so that you can get some traction.You may book 1 session, or buy a block of three and get an additional session for free.

    One session = 45 minutes by phone, plus email support the week of the call. 


    Quoted on a project basis

    • Web site and messaging creation
    • Logo & identity design
    • Business cards
    • Copy and blog editing 


    As quoted.

    Comments on Rebecca's presentation How to Reverse the Spiral of Negative Thinking:

    "Rebecca was the guest speaker at our Sunday service on Oct. 12, 2008. The response to her meditation and lesson was overwhelmingly positive. Specific responses included:   

      ‘Rebecca was the best guest speaker we have experienced in a long time.’
      ‘Rebecca’s life story moved me deeply.’
      ‘I went away inspired with the thought that if she could overcome her challenges so could I.’ 

    These represent just a few of the comments I received from those in attendance at the service. Every comment has been extremely positive. Please consider this as a recommendation of the highest order for Rebecca as a possible presenter. I also found her to be extremely professional in all aspects of her business and sale of her products." ~Rev. Pete Rhea, Unity of Bellingham