Find the Fun

by Rebecca Cooper

As we're resting on the edge of another big calendar turn, a lot of people are telling me how to set goals and let go of the past year. I prefer to just look at what was fun. The "un-fun" times have a tendency to loom large, and weigh 100 times more than the good things, but the laughter points the way to what is really important. Smiles open up your intuition and your heart.  So maybe you want to look back and ask a couple of questions.

Did it feel good or exciting? Mark it down.

Did you find yourself smiling or laughing? Notice it. I don't care if it was a corny TV show or a glance from a stranger. You responded to it, so take note.

Awareness of what really makes us happy in the moment, not five years from now is the path of least resistance.

And if you have enough life experience to know that momentary pleasures do not always lead to joy, you won't get the two confused. (Cookies, I'm talking to you.)

Winning looks like the most fun, but actually the people having the most fun are the ones winning. 

Find the fun.