Rebecca B. Cooper, the creator of Fl!p Your Thinking® - Flash Cards for the Soul, was forced to reinvent her life after a series of intense losses.  She quickly learned about the dark side of the law of attraction - that when you feel and think like a victim, you attract more heartbreak.  She had heard "change your thinking - change your life" but struggled with how do you change the thought patterns you’ve been practicing for years?  How do you rewire your brain for happiness?

Beckoning is the story of how she turned the downward spiral around and in the process built a company to help others do the same. Through storytelling and thought-provoking questions, Rebecca guides us to connect with the wisdom held in the everyday events of our own lives.  Beckoning will spark your imagination and inspire you to create the life you wish to live.

"The power of what Rebecca offers isn't only in the pearls of wisdom…it's in the story. There's an impact of information shared through storytelling that far outshines the standard “here is some good advice” self-help book out there.  It helps information become “real.”  People relate to it, understand it, and remember it." 
~ Curt Rosengren, Author, 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work

Review from the New Spirit Journal Forum: "I enjoy the positive philosophy espoused, but even more I love the personal stories that Rebecca uses to build her case for choosing the Good by refusing to succumb to its seeming antitheses. It's actually a lot warmer book to read than my tiny review suggests. I hope she sells a million copies!"  
~ Gary Mantz, The Gary Mantz Show

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