Rebecca B. Cooper, CPC, MBA

As I sense what people want most, it seems that they want to offer something that they’re good at, that will benefit others.

I’ve seen it all. After I got my MBA, my first job was in automotive at the 4th largest company in the country. As automotive imploded in the 80’s I jumped to high-tech in the 90’s, which took me from computer services companies to the wild ride of start-ups. In 2002 I decided to help other people navigate life’s changes and became a certified life coach. I even developed a product, some iPhone apps, and wrote a book.

As I sit back and sense what people want most, it seems to be a sustainable livelihood with a purpose. If they can incorporate what “lights them up” with something the world wants, they have the formula. It all must start with an idea, and there is no one better to help you uncover and prioritize your ideas than a coach. A coach will hear you without the same negative filters you may apply yourself. A coach will remind you of your commitments to yourself and help you keep them. A coach will celebrate your wins and help you learn from the stumbles.

My original coaching practice was called Authentes. I’ve renamed it Stand 8 because above all, we must not give up on ourselves. Fall down 7 times, stand up 8 times.

Rebecca has been a certified professional coach since 2002. She also holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, and certificates in Literary Fiction and Screenwriting from the University of Washington. She has written for, Verve, New Spirit Journal and is the author of Beckoning: When Happiness Calls and Clever Girl.

She is also the creator of Fl!p Your Thinking® flash cards and iPhone apps. Visit